The Business

East Street Homes (South East) operational directors, Andrew Fryer and Tim Wheeler, co-own the business with majority shareholders Richardsons Capital LLP. Richardsons are a well known family owned and managed property based business, formed over 60 years ago, with its headquarters in the UK and with substantial global real estate holdings. This combination of  Richardsons' reputation and financial resources and the experience and track record of Andrew and Tim is a powerful one. 

East Street Homes (South East) targets primarily brownfield sites and buildings which have short or medium term redevelopment potential for residential use, in suburban areas of London and the South East. Suitable properties include vacant sites, old style industrial estates, shopping parades and office buildings, empty pubs and hotels, large run down houses with grounds or situations where planning consents have expired.

A shortage of supply of new housing should ensure that the demand for such homes in most locations within the South East will remain good. The increased complexities involved in obtaining planning permission, balanced with current government policy now attempting to encourage the intensification of the use of brownfield land and buildings, should sustain East Street Homes (South East) market and its competitive advantage.

Sites of interest range upwards from £0.7m in acquisition value and East Street Homes (South East) actively seeks to acquire on an unconditional basis although conditional contracts, options, or deferred purchases will also be considered.

Andrew and Tim have both created high quality developments and delivered enhanced planning consents, maximising opportunities, over many years on a variety of challenging sites and East Street Homes (South East) will invest significant time and resources on all projects in which it becomes involved.

Please make contact with any sites or buildings where the opportunity may exist for East Street Homes (South East) expertise and experience in acquisition, planning and design to unlock their full property potential.